If you are in the wrong place at a wrong time then you should not have a fear of heights. The climber and hiker will completely differ based on their capabilities. The people should just follow the highway to reach the trail in the fishing village of Reine. The trail is visible if pass through the tunnel which is present towards the right. The pathway will direct you towards the trail with the help of the arrows present along your way. You can pull yourself easily up on a rope with the help of some parts. The bladder is recommended if there is no source of water so that you can quickly pack your backpack. If the temperature drops at Norway then you can expect rain at any time because the weather is unpredictable. You must make sure to carry a lightweight jacket or bring layers of clothing.

Peak soaring above the clouds:

A good pair of water-resistant boots is also essential when you go hiking or running at Norway. The regular backpack should include a military grade hydration when you quickly pack for your tour. The style sleeping bag is enough if you want to stay comfortable in a tent. You should bring your booze and food because Norway is not the cheapest place to drink or eat. The tourists will be able to see the trail when they pass through the tunnel.


The peak soaring above the clouds is visible straight from the sea level. If you have an overlook at the heights of the reinebringen then you can find the small fishing lake of reine. You can find a trail which will run through the slippery and steep terrain from the iconic view of the fishing village. It is a bit difficult to find the path to the trail if you start from the fishing village.

Use your arms to climb up:

The most popular hikes in the Lofoten will include the fishing village of Reine. You can go through the tunnel in the main road by asking the directions from some of the hikers. The hikers will consume the remains of the dried up river along the trail.  You can notice an arrow which is painted on the floor and it will direct you to the bushes present across the street. The giant spiders are ready to pounce on the people near the bushes. The trail gradually gets steeper between the muddy and rocky sections. You can use your arms to climb up on the roots of the old trees and move along the side of the clips.  It is really a different type of challenge for the hikers to move along the rocky sections. You can find that the muddy sections will become slippery in some situations.