The recurve bow is one of the oldest models of the crossbow.  It has received it name due to the pointed edges that are curved in a reverse direction – away from the user.  As ironic as it may sound, this curve is important as it keeps the string from swaying.  It keeps the sting tightly in place, which acts as a strong safety feature of the instrument.

It is highly desired by the professional hunters.  It requires a lot of effort and pressure to operate.  Its operation is apt for aggressive, noisy hunting expeditions.  The contemporary devices are made up of aluminum, alloy, carbon or magnesium fibres – thus making it easy to use. Its desires make it easy to target aims that are at a large distance and require pressurized and powerful shots.

Disadvantages of this fantastic object

Due to the large effort required to operate it, the string is frequently broken.  You must carry extra strings with you at all times.  It is an expensive and continuous expenditure.  The size is another drawback.  It’s difficult to carry it around the town due to its vast size.

The SAS Jaguar

It is a 175Ibs Recurve Hunting Crossbow, appropriate for beginners and amateur hunters.  It is one of the best options for a limited budget.  Its low budget makes it perfect choice for the amateurs and beginners while learning to hunt down their first deer.  With this, they will be able to sharpen their skillsets to hunt without fail.  Despite the low price, the safety features are not compromised.

Crossbow Reviews

Before purchasing any product, you must go through its reviews and ratings available online.  These aspects help understand the experience of the existing users.  This way you can make smart decision.  It is given 4 out of 5 stars by its Amazon users.

As per one of the users, the box had every part required to assemble the crossbow.  It was easy to put together. Its light weight was an added advantage. Shooting at 60 feet distance, the user was satisfied with the impact and result. Another user was impressed with the exceptional customer service of the company.  Although he faced red dot scope issues, he rated the product a 5 star due to its flawless team of experts.  High quality is another advantage of this fantastic crossbow.  Customers are extremely impressed by the value for money they get for this price.

The cost, assembly, usability, weight and everything is just perfect.  What else can you ask for?  If you still wish to get more information about this product or other crossbows, then visit  You will find all required information here.