We have all faced a situation where we reach the railway station well ahead in time and then find out that your train is late by an hour or two. We then find us a spot in the platform, dump our luggage and sit idly waiting for the train to come. Rather, you could be doing a lot more interesting things during this time instead of whiling it away. Railway stations are abuzz with people and so many different activities happening all at the same time. Yu could be doing something as well too. Here are a few ideas that could make your waiting period be put to good use.

Here is where you awaken the skills of photography in you. Take out your camera, look around you and capture anything interesting you that you happen find around you. Through this activity you get too look at things and people from a very different perspective. You will also begin to notice things that would generally not catch your eye. You can make a picture story by capturing different moments and arranging them into a sequence later. If you are with your friends, you could organise an impromptu photography competition where the best photographer would earn certain privileges throughout the journey.

  1. Tickle your taste buds.

If you look around you, you will notice many different restaurants set up within the railway station that offer some mouth-watering dishes. You could try restaurant hopping by trying one dish at one restaurant and rating the best dish certain number of points. You could make a game out of this and enjoy satisfying your stomach. If you are not particularly hungry and do not have much time in your hands, you could even browse through some choices on the internet and try to have online food ordered in Train from one of the websites that offer you this option.

  1. Strike up a conversation.

Railways station is a place where you will come across different kinds of people with many different stories to tell. If you are the person who is social and very easily approachable, then try to interact with interesting characters and spend some time trying to know their background stories. It only takes a lending ear for people to open up and you never know, maybe in the process you may actually help someone figure out things for themselves.

  1. Soul searching.

This maybe the best time in hand that you get to ponder about yourself. Very rarely chances like this arise in this busy world where you have an hour or two without any pressure from any point of your life. You could listen to music, relax, choose a spot away from the crowd, sit quietly and just try to explore a few areas in your life that you could work out and solve. If things are getting too stressful, then you could break away from the monotony of your life and write a bucket list that you would finish by a given period of time. Use this time only for yourself and try to be as selfish as possible.