Restaurants are places that the foodies of the day tend to visit more than the other public spots as such. There are various special restaurants that tend to provide these foodies with specific food items. Speaking of such specific and special restaurants, you cannot possibly go without making a reference to the steak restaurants in particular. These steak restaurants are the ones that supply you with dishes that are prepared by way of using beef. Many such restaurants could be found all over Chicago because it is one of the major spots where the lovers of steak food dwell.

Chicago’s steak houses

Here you go with a list of popular steak restaurants in Chicago.

  • Chicago chop house
  • Mastro’s Steak house
  • Harry Caray’s Steak house
  • STK Chicago
  • Prime and Provisions Steak house
  • Final cut Steak house
  • Steak 48
  • Gibsons steak house
  • RMP steak
  • Erie Café
  • Knife
  • Rose bud Steak house

However, this is not the end and you have many other steak restaurants within the limits of Chicago. When you go for one, you are supposed to consider a few factors that include the location of the restaurant, good customer service, the taste of the steak dishes offered, the professional experience of the chefs and affordability as such.

Dishes offered in streak houses

Most of the steak restaurants in Chicago ask for their customer preference about the part of the beef they want before the food is brought to their table. The different sections of the beef include the chunk, rib, short loin, round, brisket, plate, flank and shank.

Here you go with a list of dishes that are being offered at the steak houses in the city of Chicago.

  • Beef Manhattan
  • Boiled beef
  • Carpetbag steak
  • Cheese steak
  • Fried steak
  • Finger steaks
  • London broil
  • Pepper steak
  • Roast steak
  • Pot roast
  • Mongolian beef
  • Salisbury steak
  • Shooter’s sandwich
  • Steak with eggs
  • Steak sandwich
  • Swiss steak
  • Beef rib roast
  • Steak oyster pie
  • Beef burger

You have so many steak restaurants out there in Chicago that is able to supply you with all the above mentioned steak dishes and even more new ones as such. You may refer to an online source like so as to find out more about both the classic and brand new restaurants for steak.

There are steak houses that are ready to provide you with a free home delivery of food. But then, it is strongly recommended for you to go straight to the steak houses if you want to take a bite of them when they are still hot and steamy. Besides, the ambiance of the steak houses is so brilliant and you will be able to enjoy it only when you pay a direct visit to the restaurants. Here in good steak restaurants, the chefs keep on coming up with more new dishes and you always have something to explore in here. It will be such a feast to your taste buds, especially when you are a lover of steak.