If it seems these days that more people like golf than ever before, and it might come as a surprise to many people if you look back at its humble origins. Golf originated in Scotland, where the King at that time,James II, temporarily banned it, because his army was missing military aged males who were obsessed with the game. In those far off days, golf was played with sticks and pebbles over a natural landscape.

In the 16th century, the game of golf left Scotland for other countries. King Charles I of England and Mary Queen of Scots are credited with spreading golf to England and France, respectively. Mary Queen of Scots had French military cadets assisting her in the game, who were referred to as “caddies.” The term stuck and still stands to the present day, and those who like golf know that a caddie not only cares for the golf clubs, but is also an adviser who helps a golfer choose a club and strategy on shots.

Going International

While golf was a game played by royalty in its early history, during the Industrial Revolution, golf clubs and balls became mass produced and cheap enough for many others to play. In the mid-1800s, national and international golf championships were founded in countries from England to the United States and even India, and then in 1900, golf became an Olympic sport. These days people enjoy taking golf holidays and there are plenty affordable golf packages, and the sport is set tobecome even more appealing than ever.

These days, golf aficionados are enjoying golf for a number of reasons. The rolling green courses are landscaped not only for technical golfing challenges, but for their aesthetics. Trees and lakes provide not only pleasure for the eye, but a natural environment for animals, including birds, squirrels, fish, and in some states like Florida, even alligators! In a time of metropolises and suburbs, the open-air,golf course is a well needed break andtonic.

18 Holes

Along with the pleasant serenity of a golf course, people also enjoy playing golf because of the obvious exercise. A course consists of 18 holes, and can be long or short to accommodate all different levels of skill. Short courses can be easily walked, whilst the longer courses are usually travelled around in an electric golf car. Even so, a golfer must walk from the cart to the ball for every shot, which ends up amounting to an amount of exercise many people never do.

Golf may seem like an easy game, but it is highly technical. Getting the swing just perfect makes all the difference in sending that little ball flying from the tee. Getting it on to the green requires another set of skills, which includes having a sharp eye, choosing the right line, and applying just the right amount of strength.


With its popularity steadily rising and being a game that simply anyone can learn to play, expect to see golf get even more popular in the future.